Chiang Mai dentist reviews

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Chiang Mai dentist reviews

Thailand is renowned for it's high quality, affordable, dental care. However, when choosing an overseas dentist it's natural to feel confused and uncertain. To overcome this people often seek out Chiang Mai dentist reviews and recommendations when choosing a Chiang Mai dentist. Here we take a look at the pros (and cons) of various approaches to finding the most reliable Chiang Mai dentist reviews and offer suggestions for some better alternatives.

Online forum reviews and blogs

Like most products recommendations these days, when people are searching for information the internet is the first port of call. There are many forums and blogs that provide Chiang Mai Dentist reviews. Some of the most popular can be found on TripAdvisor, and Whirlpool. There are also forums specific to Thailand that feature threads on Chiang Mai Dentist reviews and recommendations. These include websites such as BritishExpats and ThaiVisa.

These sites have many posts and contain a lot of useful information. However it is important to note that Chiang Mai is a fast changing city and some information may be outdated. One should also be aware of how online reviews can some times be misleading. This ABC News article provides information on how to spot fake online reviews.

Expat versus Visitor recommendations 

One tip we have found useful is to seek out recommendations from the expat community living in Chiang Mai. Why? Expats hang-out with expats and word gets around. If a local has a good (or bad experience) they tend to share it. Also because they spend more time in Chiang Mai, they have more time to research and stay up-to-date with any changes that occur.

Medical Tourism Websites

Another source of Chiang Mai Dental reviews are websites that promote medical tourism. These websites work as a directory service that list medical practitioner from around the world in return for a fee. They also provide additional services such as organising appointments, travel and accommodation bookings, insurance and finance. The websites provide ratings on medical practitioners based on how quickly they respond to enquires and also reviews from past customers. Whilst there are a few negative comments most of the reviews appear positive (4*+ out of a possible 5* rating). Two websites offering this type of service are Dental Departures (5,185 dentists, 2,155 clinics in 34 countries) and WhatClinic (544 clinics in 55 countries)

Chiang Mai Dentists websites

Given the importance of peer reviews it's no surprise that the dental clinics themselves often provide dentist reviews on their own websites. Obviously the issue here is one of bias - surely no dentist would ever post a bad review on their own site. However it may be possible to get an indication of the clinics professionalism (and language skills) from the quality of there website. Although this may say more about there marketing than dentistry skills.

What else you should consider when choosing a Chiang Mai dentist

In the above article we discussed the various sources of reviews and recommendations for Phuket dentists. Whilst the internet provides plenty of information and resources it potentially falls short in terms of reliability, timeliness and trust. Of equal importance should be your own due diligence. Factors worthy of consideration include the dentists; qualifications, registration, premises, quality of equipment, service and communication. You can find further information on choosing the right Chiang Mai dentist in this article.

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