Choosing a Thailand Dentist.

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Choosing a Thailand Dentist that's right for you.

Thailand is a unique country, so it is not surprising that it's dental industry has developed in its own unique way. So what should you expect when visiting a Thailand Dentist? One important consideration when choosing a Thailand Dentist is the size of dental practice they work in.

Differences between Thailand and Overseas Dentists

Whilst all business vary in terms of size and structure, patients in the West will probably be used to receiving treatment either at a small dental practice with capacity to treat between 1 to 5 patients at a time, or for more complex dental surgery, a large Public Hospital (either as a Public or Private Patient).

During our many site visits of Thailand Dentists, we have encountered three main types of business structures.

Independent Private Practice

This is probably the most common business structure that patients from the West will have encountered. Usually one or a small group of partners will own and operate the practice with facilities to treat between 1 to 5 patients at a time. These practices tend to employ no more than 10 staff. We have encountered Private Dental Practices like this in many of the major towns and cities in Thailand. Whilst many will use English Language advertisements and service mainly foreigners, it is not uncommon for them to treat Thai Nationals as well.

Independent Dental Centre

The next level of Dental Practices we have encountered are more Corporate Dental Centre Facilities. Whilst these very in size, they are all larger scale businesses, with up to 30 staff and dentists. They tend to operate in the larger Cities such as Bangkok, Chaing Mai, Pattaya and Phuket. Some of these are very large facilities with capacity to treat up to 15 patients at a time. There are also some businesses that run chains of smaller practices, sometimes with up to 10 different locations. 

International Hospital

As the Medical Tourism industry has grown in Thailand a number of very large scale International Hospitals have been developed. These hospitals provide a wide range of treatments including dentistry. The hospitals can be run a under a range of business structures including privately owned and publicly listed companies. The departments can be very large employing over 30 plus staff.

Choosing a Thailand Dentist, what's best for you?

Whilst you can expect to receive good treatment from any skilled and qualified dentist, the experience will differ depending on the type of dentist you visit. Too some extent, choosing a Thailand dentist that's right for you comes down to personal preference. Some of our clients prefer the more personalised and one-on-one attention that you receive from a small practice, whilst others choose a Thailand dentist who works within a larger scale operation with more facilities. To help you decide which style of dentist suits you we have more information available in our free Thailand Dental Advice fact-sheet available here.





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