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 Thailand is renowned for it's high quality, affordable, dental care.

However, when choosing an overseas dentist it's natural to feel confused and uncertain.

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How do I choose the right Thailand dentists for me?

From our experience talking with many Thai dentist and their clients, we suggest 3 questions that will help you make a better decision.

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Bangkok dentist reviews Thailand is renowned for it’s high quality, affordable, dental care. However, when choosing an overseas dentist it’s natural to feel confused and uncertain. To overcome this people often seek out Bangkok dentist reviews and recommendations when choosing a Bangkok dentist. Here we take a look at the pros (and … Read More

Dental Implants Thailand

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Dental implants are used to replace teeth when they are badly damaged, and have no hope of survival. It is a procedure where a metal fixture is placed into the jawbone (this is usually a screw), and this implant acts as a support or anchor for a new false tooth, or set of … Read More

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Choosing a Thailand dentist? The 3 questions you should ask.